Steve Jude to be key note panellist at Estates Gazette Offices & Workplace Summit08/11/2017

Citibase is proud to be partnering with Estates Gazette at their prestigious Offices & Workplace Summit in London on 23rd November. The Summit will be examining the latest workplace innovations and how to better prepare for the future.

Chief Executive Steve Jude is one of the key note panellists on the Flexible Workplace session discussing how big flexible officing will be in the future. The session will be investigating:

•  The rise of co-working and how it affects viability of developments
•  The value of flexible work space – is it a selling point?
•  Concepts to create, grow and redefine flexibility within organisations
•  Key takeaways from other countries
•  Will affordable workplaces be a future requirement?

For more details on the Summit click here


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