Pop-Up Business Centres

Easy-in, easy-out

It really is that easy – here’s how we do it:

  • The building owner appoints Citibase
  • A plan to maximise the building potential is agreed
  • The building owner and Citibase agree a fully-costed schedule of works
  • Citibase install fast broadband and furniture
  • Citibase employs the pop-up business centre team
  • We install Citibase people, process and systems
  • Citibase promotes the pop-up business centre
  • We fill the centre with SME customers
  • We generate cash for the building owner
  • When the building owner is ready to take the building back we will clear the building and hand it back

Easy-in, easy-out

It really is that easy – here’s how we do it:

Pop-up’s – the benefits

  • Generate cash from your short-term voids
  • Ideal if you’re looking to apply for medium term change of use or waiting for residential conversion planning permission
  • An innovative way to promote your building
  • Attract high volume footfall into the building and encourage conventional lettings
  • It’s easy-in, easy-out – Citibase manage everything
  • Unlike some rates mitigation schemes, we’re not subject to legal challenge
  • Improve the area thus improving longer term rents and values

Pop-up’s – the benefits

Fill short-term voids and generate cash with Citibase’s unique pop-up business centre solution

Short-term voids can be very costly. A smart way of generating cash from short-term voids is to launch a pop-up business centre.

Right now, there are thousands of small businesses looking for short-term office space and a pop-up business centre in your building could be perfect for them.

It’s easy-in and easy-out. Citibase use our 24 years of experience to manage the entire process for you.

Many building owners are already enjoying the hassle-free cash which Citibase generates from our unique pop-up business centre concept. Could you be next?

Our compelling case studies prove it works

Discover for yourself how many enlightened building owners, both large and small, are already reaping the benefits of Citibase’s unique offering by reading our case studies.

And if that whet’s your appetite to find out more, we would be delighted to have an exploratory conversation or meeting to share with you some really compelling facts and figures to prove just how much cash our pop-up business centres could generate for you.

Explore our case studies

Pop-ups are no temporary trend

Previously the preserve of independent retailers, food vendors and artists, major brands such as Gap, Louis Vuitton, The Guardian and Jamie Oliver have been recently trialling high street pop-ups.

Pop-up shops add an estimated £2.1bn to the economy each year a figure which is growing fast according to the British Retail Consortium. It’s clear that pop-ups are here to stay and growing fast.

Only Citibase have the proven experience and been championing the concept in the business centre sector for many years offering building owners this unique opportunity to generate cash from their short-term voids.