Citibase logo & website get a fresh new look22/03/2016

Citibase New Website

An exciting and bright new style for our website was unveiled this morning along with a refreshed Citibase logo.

This new website look was developed by Reactive Graphics. As the way people use and interact online has been changing massively over the last year or so with the huge rise in smartphones and tablets it’s vital that for websites to be successful their design needs to change to respond to this change in usage.

So our new look is designed for ‘Generation Mobile’ to offer an even more user-friendly, engaging and compelling experience. Some of the key changes you’ll see on include:

Longer scrolling layout – less clicks
Sites that offer more scrolling down rather than having lots of separate pages which need multiple clicks to get to are where online is moving. So that’s what you’ll see on

Larger cinematic images
We’ve made our images larger and more impactful

New icons – less text, more graphic
People have less time, a shorter attention span and want to quickly get the information they need. It’s all about graphics and icons. So we’ve cut lots of text and replaced it with smart new graphics and icons, particularly on the individual centre pages. For example we’ve created an icon called ‘Citibase Concierge’ to describe all the varied and great services the centre teams offer.

Animation and dynamism
We’ve added dynamic imagery and content to add life and vibrancy. So you’ll see images and text that zoom in and out, quirky Polaroid style pictures that ‘flip’ and rotate, panels that change colour when you click on them and more.

We’ve also freshened up our Citibase logo to re-inforce our heritage. By adding that we’ve been established since 1993 we aim to reassure both customers and clients alike that no-one knows how to bring together both our SME occupier customers and building owner clients quite like Citibase.


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