Citibase Cambridge aids GrabCAD’s global expansion08/05/2014

Citibase Office Cambridge

GrabCAD, Cambridge


Set up in 2009 by two young Estonian mechanical engineers, GrabCAD is the world’s largest community of mechanical engineers with over 1.3 million members. The online business helps engineers get products to market faster by connecting people, content and technology, enabling them to set up profiles on the site and showcase their work. Companies that want to source designs for new products can also use GrabCAD to get ideas from engineers.

In addition, the company offers GrabCAD Workbench, an online tool which makes it easier for engineers to manage their data.

In 2011, the business moved its headquarters from Estonia to the US and in November 2012, set up its first UK operation in Citibase’s Cambridge business centre.

A new UK home

Director Stuart Reid was one of two people that helped to establish GrabCAD’s new development office in the UK. With a degree in mechanical engineering and extensive experience of developing CAD software, he was well positioned to help evolve the business and develop new tools for its growing membership.

Already home to a large number of CAD and technology businesses, Cambridge was an ideal location for GrabCAD and Stuart looked at a variety of potential bases across the city before choosing Citibase.

He says: “Cambridge offers lots of choice in terms of office space and we considered a number of options, including the science park. That may have been the obvious choice for a company such as ours, but we wanted to be closer to the city centre community. Citibase offered us the most convenient and accessible location, close to the local shops and all local amenities.”

Flexible space

Initially the GrabCAD team consisted of two people, but quickly expanded to six.
“We expanded quite rapidly in the first few months,” says Stuart.

“It wasn’t long before we had outgrown our original office, but we were able to move into larger accommodation within the same building and use our original space as a meeting room.”

As the team grew, GrabCAD worked with Citibase to reconfigure its existing space to create a larger office that could accommodate the extra staff.

Motivating staff

Stuart concludes: “When we moved into our new offices, services such as the high-speed internet connectivity and secretarial support were obviously important, but the flexibility and location were particularly beneficial. And, there’s a great view of the city, so it’s an ideal working environment.”

Now firmly established in Cambridge, GrabCAD adds to the growing number of leading technology businesses in the city. Its Citibase home has provided adaptable accommodation that will ensure the young business can continue to evolve and expand in line with a growing demand for its services.


Notes to editor:

Citibase offers fully serviced business centres for cost-conscious SMEs in over 50 locations nationwide, including London and within the M25, Cambridge, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Citibase concentrates on town and city centre locations and offers their customers over 1 million sq. ft. under management. Citibase’s unique disruptive business model brings together both clients and customers, providing solutions to property owners, by taking over the management of a building, allowing building owner Clients to generate a cash income from secondary office space with minimum stress whilst providing SME customers with cost-effective office solutions.

Celebrating 21 years, the business has at its heart the ‘Freedom at Work’ philosophy; a deep-routed commitment to support and nurture cost-conscious SMEs whether they are setting out for the first time or taking bigger steps on the path to growth. Being in a Citibase centre gives SMEs the independence and freedom to be freed from expensive rents and rates, inflexible terms, service charges, hidden costs and corporate restrictions, thus giving SMEs the ability to be in complete control of their businesses.


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