Citibase reveals record year in its latest annual review13/05/2016


In its latest annual review, Citibase has released its best results in its 23 year history. The company delivered a record EBITDA of £2m, its best operating margin of 15.2% and its highest cash at bank of £4.3m. These very positive results continue to back the case suggesting the world of work has changed forever, with businesses no longer looking for conventional leases on offices. Instead, Citibase’s flexible approach continues to disrupt the market place by offering cost-conscious companies, start-ups & entrepreneurs an alternative solution. Citibase CEO, Steve Jude welcomed the company’s exceptional performance and said ‘‘our strategy of rebalancing our business model, growing the size of the business and re-engineering our processes and systems should be considered to be a journey rather than a destination. Nevertheless, the changes made in previous years are already paying dividends and are an early indication of more to come’’. To read Citibase’s full 2016 annual review, click here.


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