Top 5 places to get coffee in London Victoria15/12/2019

Coffee Geeks

If these geeks ruled the world, we’d be totally fine with that! These guys not only pour the perfect flat-white, they’re on a mission to be really eco-friendly and they’re not afraid to shout about it. Right on the edge of Cardinal Place, they’re best positioned for that quick morning coffee grab when you’re on your way into the office and are located slap bang in the middle of Citibase London Victoria Palace Street and the entrance to Victoria Station Underground.

Ole and Steen

There are times when you order a Mocha and you swill the drink around the inside of your mouth trying to locate that chocolatey taste. With an Ole and Steen Mocha, you don’t need to search for that rich chocolate kick as one sip and you’re in cocoa-coffee heaven! But that’s not all, they serve the best Cinnamon slice that you’ll ever eat (seriously, ever!) – and that’s a fact!

Crosstown Doughnuts

Ok, we’re kind of cheating with this one a little bit as it’s a doughnut heaven and this piece is about coffee, but their official title is Crosstown Doughnuts and Coffee, so we’re more than justified. Sure, we recommend the coffee, but the doughnuts are IN-CRED-IBLE! With flavours such as Matcha Tea and Rum & Pineapple, there is something for everybody…and they have a vegan range too! And the cherry on top of this sourdough taste explosion? You can get from Citibase London Victoria Palace Street to Crosstown and back, with a box of 12 in eight minutes – we know, we’ve timed it!

Notes Coffee

We didn’t discover Notes, they discovered us and once we were invited to try one of their coffees, we were hooked! Served in a tin mug, the experience is utterly charming and the cinnamon covered chai lattes are both warming and full flavoured. Tucked on the edge of Nova Victoria, it’s the ideal place for a moment of calm during a hectic working week.

Shot Espresso

Fancy stepping out of the office for that one-to-one, why not head on over to Shot Espresso which is a mere 30 seconds walk from Citibase London Victoria Palace Street. Not only a champion at their namesake – their espresso packs a mighty punch, perfect if you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, they also serve a delicious creamy latte that makes focusing on anything else other than the contents of your cup a challenge.


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