A Tale of Two – Aberdeen28/01/2020

A Tale of Two – Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a city with many connections to the number two – It is situated between two river mouths, began life as two separate ‘burghs’, has two universities, two Aberdeen-based football teams in the SPFL and two leopards in its national coat of arms.

So naturally there are two Citibase centres in Aberdeen, providing twice as many SMEs with affordable, flexible workspace.

With two completely different building styles, customers have the choice between a historic Jacobean villa or a modern business complex.

Risktech solutions became a customer at Citibase Aberdeen because of its convenient location, period interior and the Citibase team.

How does Citibase Aberdeen work for your business requirements?
The location is excellent with easy access to a lot of our major clients who are in the area. There’s also plenty of amenities nearby that make it easy for having a meeting or a coffee with clients or colleagues

What are the most impressive features that you like about the building?
Our office in Aberdeen Queens Road is a classic, well-kept building with both old Jacobean elements at the front and a new extension at the back that provides good options for us to get some new neighbours.

How do the Citibase Centre team help you in your day-to-day?
The Citibase team are always on hand whenever we need something. Nothing is too much effort and they always exercise the utmost professionalism with my colleagues, clients and I.

Graham Dean from Tracker Technologies chose Citibase Aberdeen Hill of Rubislaw for its flexibility and great location.

Why did you choose Citibase Aberdeen Hill of Rubislaw ?
As a remote worker, Citibase Aberdeen Hill of Rubislaw is able to offer me the flexibility I needed; reasonably priced co-working space in Aberdeen is hard to find.

How do you find the location in relation to your requirements?
The centre is located only a short drive from my home, and from my main client in Aberdeen.

What are the most impressive features that you like about the building?
The recently refurbished reception and canteen area of the modern H1 building where Citibase is housed is a considerable improvement

How do the Citibase Centre team help you in your day-to-day?
Working on my own with a six-hour time difference to my closest colleagues is a challenge. The Citibase team provide much needed human contact!


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